About ICAM

ICAM started when two committee members (Jaimini Shah and Bijal Parekh) initially organized a picnic and Diwali party to create a community to carry on the Indian culture. Jaiminiben and Bijalben went door to door, spreading the word and selling tickets. In 2006, ICAM was born with the help of new members who also believed strongly in the cause.  

ICAM remains a strong nascent organization led by its founding members. ICAM has hosted events such as summer picnics, family bowling nights, Diwali parties, Navratri garbas, and bhajans at a local temple.


ICAM welcomes individuals of all ethnicities and religions to join. ICAM encourages its members to be active in the planning to ensure that their ideas incorporated and needs are met. With more members and new voices, ICAM can continue to flourish and serve the community.